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CLS Authors of Collection-Master

CLS_Collection MasterCollection Master

Experience the future of collections, today! Founded in 1978, Commercial Legal Software, or CLS as our customers like to call us, has been faithfully serving debt collection attorneys and agencies across the United States for over 30 years. We are the makers of Collection-Master®, the most advanced and mature specialty software for debt collection, foreclosure, and subrogation. At CLS, we feel that Collection-Master is the finest, feature-rich, and highly evolved system of its kind. With more than 800 installations nationwide, we have built an excellent reputation based on our innovative legal collection software; customizable, private and public interfaces; customer support and straightforward business philosophy. At Commercial Legal Software, we feel that Collection-Master is the finest, most mature, feature-rich, and highly evolved system of its kind. Like our fine software, we feel that our business philosophy helps set Commercial Legal Software apart from all others.

Cogent Collections by Legal Recovery Solutions

Cogent Logo

  • Highly scalable hosted business solution for collection agencies and attorney firms
  • Manages account inventory, Import/Export of accounts, litigation, collections, correspondence, payment processing, scanning and more
  • Dual paths for simultaneous collection and litigation workflow of an account
  • Portfolio tracking and modeling feature allowing accurate measurement of any portfolio's performance

Q-Law by Q-Soft


Q-Soft, LLC develops and markets the Q-Law software and offers automation services for law firms. Q-Law offers special functions that automate retail, medical and commercial collection practices. Q-Law offers special features for Creditor Bankruptcy and Foreclosure practices. Q-Law offers comprehensive Time and Billing, Trust accounting and practice management including Document Generation, Scanning and Document Management. One integrated system permits complete access to records at all times. Q-Law has been installed and running in numerous states, as well as overseas, for years. Among our many satisfied clients are collection law firms, general practice law firms, immigration law firms and real estate practice law firms, as well as collection agencies.

Database Services developers of PST (Process Server's Toolbox)

logodbsOffice Automation Software and Support for Process Servers and Courier / Messenger companies.

Our flagship product is Process Server's Toolbox . If your company is serving summons or subpoenas, you should be using PST! It's the most popular software for private process servers in use in America. Thousands of users in over 700 companies rely on PST today to help them track and prepare paperwork and provide top-notch service to their customers. When combined with the Web Services Pack you have an unbeatable combination of management tools for yourself and easy, automated status for your customers.

Loyal Dog presents Loyal Puppy

Loyal Dog

Loyal Dog provides low cost and pre-designed software for Process Servers and Process Serving Agencies. Our user friendly and networkable system gives you the tools needed to manage all of the day to day operations of your business.

ProServe 2000 - Process Server Software


  • Generates court accepted documents

  • Mobile photocopy

  • Reports

  • Variable fee schedules

  • Software

Tristar Software

Tristar Software From Process Service to Photocopy, Messenger to Investigations, Tristar’s solutions are unmatched and available for immediate implementation. All of our programs come with an integrated accounting package that provides a simple, clean statement for your customers with no double entry and complete accounting reports. Attorney Service software has been our focus for over 25 years.

* Process Serving Software
* Courier/Messenger Software
* Mobile Photocopy / Litigation Support Software
* Private Investigations Software
* Cell phone Apps with GPS geo-tagging.
* Client Order / Status website
* Custom Programming available to meet your fit your needs.