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Service Exchange Network Seminal Software Solutions

Effortless Job Processing

Serve-X™, created by Service Exchange Network, is a unique data interface solution for attorneys to seamlessly and transparently submit new jobs to process servers nationwide, through the use of their existing case management software. It automates the entire process from job placement, to status updates, document transfers, and billing.

For Law Firms

Serve-X works with your existing case management system to:

  • Seamlessly transfer jobs to unlimited process servers nationwide
  • Provide continuous live status updates to your case files
  • Manage & monitor jobs throughout the service process
  • One system to work with all your process servers
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Reduce human error
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase profitability

For Process Servers

Serve-X works with your existing process service software to:

  • Electronically receive jobs from your law firm clients
  • Satisfy heavy volume clients with automation
  • Provide live status updates automatically
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Reduce human error
  • Reduce client status inquiries
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase profitability

Testimonials from Law Firms

New Project

Stuart K. Mullen

- Director of Operations
Faber and Brand, LLC, Missouri

ServeX™ has revolutionized how we send jobs to our Process Servers. ServeX™ has been a tremendous program for our law firm; it has reduced a significant portion of labor that we had devoted to 'service' issues and helped us get closer to the automation , we all want out of our software. We will definitely be requiring all of our Process Servers to use software that is compatible with ServeX™."


“We  understand how to utilize technology and to maximize the benefits that it brings. We have been able to do this in other areas of our firm, but we were missing an important piece until using Serve-X™”, said Robert Markoff, Partner. “With implementing Serve-X™ our staff is able to simplify communication with process serving companies for the entire state of Illinois. The electronic communication of data and documents has allowed for increased staff productivity and client satisfaction while reducing our overhead expenses. Our staff is impressed how Serve-X™, in use with our litigation software, has made the entire procedure of process service manageable”, further added Markoff.

Attorney, Steve Markoff, Partner explains “We have taken great measures to ensure our firm’s high standards of practice while remaining a competitive force in the collection industry. Serve-X™ is a technology that allowed us to reassign staff, improve client satisfaction and quality assurance in addition to acquiring new clients for our firm.”

As Markoff continues to grow in the industry, they understand that client expectations have risen. “The use of Serve-X has decreased the workload of the legal, accounting, and mailroom departments of our firm, allowing us to shift resources and become more productive overall,”

The Mc Hughes Law Firm LLC

Becky McHughes

The McHughes Law Firm, Little Rock, Arkansas

The Serve-X staff at Service Exchange Network is committed, ambitious and has demonstrated the upmost professionalism...


Keith Shindler

Managing Attorney
The Shindler Law Firm, Schaumburg, Illinois

Our firm has been able to reduce overhead cost in multiple departments at our office. Our staff
productivity has increased by a measurable amount with the streamlining benefits of Serve-X.
What would take an employee 2-3 days to send out for service of process now takes minutes.
When the information is returned by the process server via Serve-X, it updates our files so we
can pass details along to our clients rapidly. Our staff has been able to eliminate time spent on
scanning since the documents from the process server are automatically imported to the
corresponding case file in our CMS by Serve-X.
I highly recommend Serve-X to any law office that has volume regarding service of process to
cut cost and increase client satisfaction."

Testimonials from Process Service Firms


Jason L. Allen

- Owner
Kryptonite Credit Servers,LLC., Missouri

"Serve-X™'s interaction with Process Server's Toolbox (PST) has cut my data entry time in half. Thanks to Serve-X™, 90% of my jobs are electronically imported directly from my Client's (the Attorney's office) Q-law software straight into the PST software. This process takes minutes to complete, instead of taking sometimes literally minutes per file for entry. After the import is completed, I only need to review the import and assign each job a server and verify an address for service. Serve-X™ helps out on the flip-side as well. After my jobs are completed, I am now able to upload the status of each service, and deliver an electronic copy of the Affidavit of Service and Invoice straight to the Q-law software with my Client.

As we all know, time is money and this addition to Q-law has found a way to literally create more time in the day."


Bob Cochran

Barrister Investigations
Chicago Market Area

"Servex has been one of best innovations in the process serving industry in recent memory. The ability of the program to data transfer direct from my client’s software to my software has been invaluable. It has given us the ability to offer a more streamlined process of data entry to both our current and prospective clients. It has been a great development for the industry for now and the future."

Countywide Process

Ralf R Vidal

General Manager, Coutrywide Process Service, Inc

I am writing to recommend the services of Service Exchange Network LLC (Serve-X). Their design software expertise coupled with their collaborative and innovative spirit made them the go-to expert for our most significant project. They were detail oriented, organized and always open to constructive feedback, making our business relationship both effortless and pleasant.

I highly recommend Service Exchange Network LLC (Serve-X) for any role through which they can contribute their remarkable creativity and dedication. If hired, I am confident that they would take your business to new heights.

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